1-on-1 mentoring sessions

I started photography classes my sophomore year of high school then went to Texas State University to receive a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts for photography. For 5 years I shot film exclusively, predominantly with a Canon AE-1 (which you can find fondly tattooed on my left wrist). I learned a lot about developing, composition, & finding the artist within but they didn’t teach a thing about how to sustain myself as a photographer in the real world. So I was a 20 year old recent graduate with an art degree in 2008 without a clue as to what I was doing when a random wedding photography gig popped up through a friend of a friend. I fell in love. I have been a full time wedding photographer for over 6 years now and have shot almost 300 weddings (as a primary & second). After hosting two Risky Business workshops in Austin my passion for teaching has only grown and I would love to continue it on a more personal basis. I am also very excited to be speaking at the April 2016 Canada Photo Convention.

1-on-1 mentoring sessions | 6 hours | $1100
portfolio critique
& anything else you’re curious about