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“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”
― Jack Kerouac

My first time to South America. I arrived in Lima at 1am on a Saturday night delirious from travel albeit excited about future adventures. I did not stay in a great part of town but for a private room and bathroom for $15 a night where I only needed to rest my head for 12 hours, it was plenty suitable. My time in Lima was brief but impactful as I was definitely the only ‘gringo’ walking around these parts. The next afternoon I made my way to Cuzco the city with a population of 500,000 and an elevation of 11,150ft. Having recently visited Crested Butte, with an elevation of almost 9,000ft, I assumed that I would not have much of a problem adjusting. I drank plenty of water but still found myself feeling horribly sick the second night. I had started my volunteer program this day so it was a full day of orientation and learning how to teach a class of locals how to speak English. I got half way through the class before I needed to go to bed, luckily I was co-teaching at this point and no one was depending on me. Altitude sickness, for me, I can only describe as a general terrible feeling, everything hurts and feels awful. My best piece of advice is to drink a ton of water, sleep a lot, and give yourself a few days before planning anything.

The people here are kind and small and the city itself is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. With churches dating back to the 1600s, plazas filled with flowers, more alpaca than anyone could ever need in a lifetime, & all of it surrounded by mountains covered in little homes that twinkle at night.











I’m sitting here on a cold night in Cuzco, Peru hanging out with a Canadian when I realized that I never actually posted any of the beautiful photos we took while visiting our amazingly talented photographer friends Sam & Brittany in Canmore Canada last December. Before this trip, I had barely set foot in snow- does 1 inch of snow in Austin that melts the next day count? I stocked up on gear, plenty of smart wool and a large jacket to keep me warm. While my mother may be from Minnesota, I am certainly a Texan when it comes to cold weather. Luckily for me, it was unseasonably warm in December, reaching up to 40 degrees one of the days I was there! Canadians were just about wearing shorts while I was still in full gear. I was clearly from out of town. Our wonderful tour guides took us to do all of the typical Canadian things, snow tubing, dog sledding, poutine, & even curling. I can’t wait to visit in the summer some time.



How it took me 26.5 years before I made it to Colorado, I don’t know, but I’m glad I have it in my life now. The fact that I have now been there three times in the last six months is a true testament to how much I really love it. I will likely have to plan another trip in fall just so I can get all four seasons in. I have spent time in Breckenridge, Denver, & Crested Butte; I look forward to planning more trips to different parts of the state as well. This past summer trip came about initially thanks to a good friend inviting me to her grandfather’s ranch house that was built and unchanged since 1974. For many reasons (including the lack of cellphone service), we affectionately refer to it as the time warp ranch. Of 10 people staying at the summer home 5 of us were photographers. I cannot help but be so inspired by the talent I constantly find myself surrounded by. My friends are amazing and watching them work inspires me and pushes me to become a better photographer.

After 4 nights in the summer ranch, I spent a few extra days camping out in Crested Butte and enjoying the fun summer events they have going on like Bridges of the Butte & Alpenglow. Crested Butte is the perfect summer destination but many other Texans seem to feel the same way since there seems to be more Texans than Coloradans here.

summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (1 of 20)

I couldn’t help but show off these beautiful mountains at two different times of day.

summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (5 of 20)

summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (4 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (17 of 20)

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Swampy Pass Trail

summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (13 of 20)
summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (12 of 20)

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The Secret Stash

summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (11 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (16 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (6 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (10 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (9 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (8 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (18 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (20 of 20)summer-time-Crested-butte-colorado (19 of 20)crested-butte-colorado (3 of 3)

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Road to Oh Be Joyful

Road to Oh Be Joyful

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Two months ago I was inspired by someone and forced myself to make a decision that would lead me to the big adventure I am starting today… I will be on the road non-stop for 3 months with grand intentions of enduring a year. I will be roadtripping, couch surfing, camping, flying, teaching, shooting, & everything in between. I will be back in Austin for the month of October to shoot contracted weddings of course (& one in November) but then will pursue destinations outside of the country, hopefully working with volunteer efforts. At this point I have 5 weddings for 2016 and none of them are in Austin. (Ben & Eric have taken over the local side of the business at the moment). It feels weird to pursue locations outside of my favorite city in the world but this is an adventure… and well, why not?

Over the next three months I will be visiting (in this order): Crested Butte, Los Angeles, Houston, Cusco Peru, Denver, Guatemala, Phoenix,Lake Havasu City, San Jose, White Sands, Marfa, Denver,  New York City, Omaha, St Louis, Nashville, &… Charleston. Phew! If you’re in one of those areas and want to meet up I will be doing 1-on-1 mentor sessions along the way or if you just want to grab a beer, shoot me a facebook message!

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