Associate Photographer



Eric Kotara has been working with Caroline Studios since the beginning stages of their business. He joined the team as an Associate Photographer in 2013.

Eric lives in Austin with his wife, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. He has been married seven years and still makes his wife breakfast in bed. In true Austin style he enjoys outdoor activities like kayaking, jogging, hiking, and anything that involves nature. A maker at heart, Eric enjoys keeping his hands busy in his free time with interests as varied as bluegrass mandolin, vintage car restoration, watercolor, mixed media art, and whatever piques his interest long enough to locate a tutorial on how to do it. Finding photography a convenient marriage of art and technology, Eric fell into it quite naturally and has felt at home ever since.

His style: Fun and engaging, with a dash of class.

His Technique: That of a well dressed, camera wielding Ninja